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This necklace was created as a special gift for my sister. The necklace features two freely spinning circles on a gold filled pin. The necklace also contains the name of my niece Mia on the inside. This necklace is available to purchase in my collection and can be personalised to your specification.

The necklace was made to remember two dearly loved parents who are sadly no longer with us. The necklace consists of two textured copper leaves which had been plated with sterling silver in parts. The two leaves were then soldered together and each leaf then had the birth dates of each parents

I was contacted to make a gift for an expectant mummy, but as the gender was not known the baby was referred to as Figgy. The final design consisted of several circular interlocking sterling silver links with a handmade fig charm. Every other link had a hammered pattern to add texture and interest. The bracelet was then finished off with an Albert clasp.

This ring was a custom made wedding ring, made out of Sterling silver and Rosewood. The ring was given to mark the couple anniversary and it is wore as a dress ring on special occasions. This ring is hard wearing and usual to add interest to the hand.

Commissioned studs to match an existing pendant. Three sterling silver minibands which are interlocked together with added gold filled detail on each one.